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Unlimited episodes and podcasts. All-in-one solution with Easy migration, SEO and RSS feed.

How is Pitch free

How is Pitch free?

The reason is simple: we want to be just like Twitch, but for Podcasts - offering the hosting and other tools for free. We will monetize in the future with advertising - with a revenue share deal for content creators. And if the content creator doesn't want to monetize, that's fine. We are here to help you!


Pitch is Free

We offer great free hosting, so you don't have to worry about servers or paid hosting. Upload your episode and you are all set!

Unlocking limits

Pitch is Unlimited

Enjoy no limits on the amount of podcasts you can have or episodes you can upload. The only limits we have are file size restriction and that's only due to a technicality

Unlocking limits
Tools for you
Tools for you

Tools for your growth

We also have RSS feed, Easy Migration and Apple Podcasts SEO. All the tools you need in a great hosting.


Have any questions? Talk to us!

We are available at [email protected]